Major Disaster
Major Disaster
Personal Info:
Real Name: Paul Booker
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Coast City
First Appearance: Green Lantern Vol.2 43
Died: Infinite Crisis 7
Resurrected: Adventure Comics 5
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Black Lantern Corps, Former member of the Injustice League, Justice League Antarctica, Justice League Antarctica, Justice League Elite, Justice League of America, Legion of Doom, SKULL and Suicide Squad
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: All sentient life
Disasters: Major Disaster is able to project ‘Disaster Energy’. Disaster Energy can cause earthquakes, tidal waves, explosions etc. Essentially the energy causes natural disasters to happen. Major Disaster can also project ‘Anti-Disaster Energy’ which makes objects invulnerable to disaster.
Black Power Ring: The Black Lantern Rings are capable of wielding the black energy outside of the Emotional Electromagnetic Spectrum. When Black power rings choose wearers, they present themselves to the deceased without a charge. The rings (which constantly ask for "flesh") are recharged by killing living beings and removing their hearts; each heart restores .01 percent power to every ring in the Corps. Black Lanterns are also able to read the emotions of the living as a coloured aura that correlates to the emotional spectrum (red for rage, violet for love, etc.). Black Lantern Rings will regenerate a corpse each time it is damaged, they can create constructs, but this ability is rarely used and they allow flight.
Instead of following in his father's footsteps by going into dental school, Paul Booker fell into a life of petty crime. He was on the run from the Coast City police department when he broke into Tom ‘Pieface’ Kalmaku's apartment. The criminal was not there to steal; rather he was trying to evade the police in the Coast City apartment. Making his way through the dark, Booker stumbled upon a valuable secret. He accidentally touched a secret sliding panel activator, which opened a secret compartment in Kalmaku's desk. Intrigued by what was so important as to be kept hidden from prying eyes, Booker read the item in the desk. Booker learned he had discovered Kalmaku's Green Lantern Casebook. In the pages of Kalmaku's journal of Green Lantern was the secret identity of not only Green Lantern Hal Jordan, but that of Barry ‘The Flash’ Allen.
Booker thought if he could defeat both the Flash and Green Lantern, he would make a name for himself that would further his criminal career. To this end, he hired a number of scientists to help create the identity of ‘Major Disaster.’
In later years he reformed and joined the Justice League of America as a group that Batman placed together in the unforeseen circumstance that the core team became incapacitated. He would also join the splinter group Justice League Elite. However, he died at the hands of Superboy-Prime during the Infinite Crisis in the battle for Metropolis