Superman (Earth-Two)
Superman (Earth-Two)
Personal Info:
Real Name: Kal-L
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Krypton
First Appearance: Action Comics Vol.1 1
Died: Infinite Crisis 7
Resurrected: Blackest Night: Superman 1
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Black Lantern Corps, Former member of the All-Star Squadron; Former associate member of the Justice Society of America
Base Of Operations: Metropolis
Grudges: All sentient life
Creators: Dennis O'Neil, Dick Dillin, Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster
Enhanced Abilities: Superman has upper level superhuman strength, agility, speed and endurance.
Invulnerability: Superman has a high degree of invulnerability to physical and energy attacks.
Super Vision: Superman has the ability to see things microscopically and telescopically. He can also see through objects with x-ray vision.
Super Hearing: Superman has the ability hear anything, anywhere.
Super-Breath: Superman can create hurricane force winds by blowing, and chill his breath to freeze an individual..
Flight: Superman is able to fly.
Black Power Ring: The Black Lantern Rings are capable of wielding the black energy outside of the Emotional Electromagnetic Spectrum. When Black power rings choose wearers, they present themselves to the deceased without a charge. The rings (which constantly ask for "flesh") are recharged by killing living beings and removing their hearts; each heart restores .01 percent power to every ring in the Corps. Black Lanterns are also able to read the emotions of the living as a coloured aura that correlates to the emotional spectrum (red for rage, violet for love, etc.). Black Lantern Rings will regenerate a corpse each time it is damaged, they can create constructs, but this ability is rarely used and they allow flight.
Superman was born Kal-L of the planet Krypton. His father was the esteemed scientist, Jor-L, and his mother was a librarian named, Lora. While Kal-L was still a toddler, his father discovered that the planet Krypton teetered on the brink of absolute destruction. Realizing that there was not enough time to save everyone on the planet, he deposited his son inside of a specially designed rocket ship and launched him into outer space. As Kal-L's rocket broke the atmosphere, the planet Krypton exploded.
After travelling through space for an indeterminate amount of time, his rocket eventually crash-landed in a small farming community named Smallville, on the planet Earth. Though at first placed in an orphanage, Kal-l was soon adopted by the Kents and given the name Clark. Over time he discovered his many powers. Mary (Ma) Kent later died and when John (Pa) Kent was on his death bed, he made Clark promise to use his powers for the good of mankind. Taking the advice to heart, Clark created the identity of Superman.
Years later during the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Kal-L was one of the first heroes recruited by Harbringer and the Monitor to fight back the assault on all populated universes of the Multiverse by the Anti-Monitor. Kal-L and the others directly assaulted the Anti-Monitor at the "Dawn of Time" which caused the various universes to collapse into one singular universe that was able to withstand the Anti-Monitor's assault. Unfortunately, the singular universe erased the history of the universe that Kal-L came from and most of the people he knew outside of the heroic community, including his wife Lois Lane-Kent. Near insane with grief, Kal-L was able to gather himself together despite his intense sense of loss and along with the equally alone Superboy-Prime directly attacked and killed the Anti-Monitor. The resulting energy release resulting from the Anti-Monitor's physical death threatened to overcome and kill Kal-L and Superboy-Prime. Alexander Luthor, Jr. of Earth-Three appeared offering to transport them out of the resulting shock wave, but still grieving Kal-L decided to end his life rather than transport into the pocket dimension Alex showed Kal-L until Lois Kent emerged from that locale.
Alexander Luthor, Jr. of Earth-Three had saved Lois Kent from the universe reset by taking her from the dying Multiverse before the battle at the "Dawn at Time" thus saving her from the reset. Luthor then took himself, Kal-L, Lois Kent and Superboy-Prime into the pocket dimension saving them from the destruction of the Anti-Monitor's exploding energies and an universe that mostly no longer remembered them.
Kal-L continued to watch the new Earth from the pocket "Paradise" dimension. He began to be disturbed by what he saw as the growing darkness that was apparently affecting the Earth, especially in the indecisiveness of his resulting counterpart. That darkness began to affect the Paradise dimension and as a result, Lois began to get deathly ill despite the pocket dimension being insulated from the outside reality.
Deciding that the resulting Earth had been corrupted, Kal-L had decided along with Alexander Luthor Jr. and Superboy Prime to reformat the existing universe based on them as the primary template rather than the current incarnations of the heroes. Kal-L hoped that would reverse the effect on his dying wife Lois Lane Kent even though that would kill the current wife of the current Superman though he thought of it as merely "folding the current incarnations into his template" though he did know that those who would be "folded" would cease to live.
Kal-L became disenchanted with the Primeís and Luthorís plan and aided Kal-El in trying to stop Prime. Seeing that Kal-L had turned away from their original plan to reshape the universe to fit their demands, Superboy Prime attacked Kal-L directly venting his full rage and frustration at his one time ally. The attack was so vicious that Superboy-Prime smashed Kal-L's internal organs and skeletal structure, killing him. Kal-L was buried on the new Earth that he died protecting from Superboy-Prime, only to be resurrected by a Black Lantern Power Ring.