Personal Info:
Real Name: Amon Tomaz
Also Known As: No known Alias
Place Of Birth: Egypt
First Appearance: 52 Vol.1 #23 (2006) Modern Age Villain
Died: 52 Vol.1 #43
Resurrected: The Power of Shazam! #48
Known Associates: Black Adam, Nekron, Black Hand
Group Affiliation: Formerly Titans, Black Marvel Family, Teen Titans, Black Lanterns
Base Of Operations: Egypt
Grudges: Green Lanterns
Creators: Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka and Mark Waid
Power of Shazam: When Amon Tomaz says the name of his brother-in-law and benefactor "Black Adam", Amon is transformed into Osiris. In this form, he is granted a portion of Black Adam's powers, which are derived from ancient Egyptian gods. He is granted the Stamina of Shu, the Swiftness of Heru, the Strength of Amon, the Wisdom of Zehuti, the Power of Aton and the Courage of Mehen.
Black Power Ring: The Black Lantern Rings are capable of wielding the black energy outside of the Emotional Electromagnetic Spectrum. When Black power rings choose wearers, they present themselves to the deceased without a charge. The rings (which constantly ask for "flesh") are recharged by killing living beings and removing their hearts; each heart restores .01 percent power to every ring in the Corps. Black Lanterns are also able to read the emotions of the living as a coloured aura that correlates to the emotional spectrum (red for rage, violet for love, etc.). Black Lantern Rings will regenerate a corpse each time it is damaged, they can create constructs, but this ability is rarely used and they allow flight.
The criminal cartel know as Intergang extended their power base overseas - leading them to Amon Tomaz and his sister, Adrianna. They were captured by Intergang with many other hostages. While Amon remained prisoner, his sister was sent to Kahndaq as a "gift" to its ruler, Black Adam.
Black Adam was immediately impressed with Adrianna's fiery spirit; so much so, he asked Captain Marvel to bequeath Adrianna with the powers of a goddess. Upon holding an ancient amulet and speaking "I am Isis ", Adrianna transformed into the famed Egyptian deity with a flash of lightning. After falling in love, Adam and Adrianna were married. Shortly after their wedding, Adrianna resumed her quest to rescue her captured brother.
Black Adam and Isis located Amon where Intergang was attempting to recruit new soldiers through brainwashing and torture. After refusing to comply, Amon was badly beaten and left for dead. As Amon struggled for his life, Black Adam shared a portion of his powers with his newfound brother-in-law. Upon speaking "Black Adam", a bolt of lightning immediately healed the young man, and transformed him into Osiris. Now blessed with the powers of the gods, Amon joined his sister and Black Adam in helping them change the world.
However after inadvertently killing the villainous Persuader, Osiris gave up these gifts. This left him vulnerable to attack by a genetically engineered crocodile called Sobek. Osiris had considered Sobek his friend, but the creature was actually Famine, one of the Four Horsemen of Apokolips, and it gleefully devoured the powerless Amon. Osiris was resurrected by Nekron as a Black Lantern, during the Blackest Night.
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