Lady Shiva
Lady Shiva
Personal Info:
Real Name: Sandra Wu-San
Also Known As: Sandra Woosan, Jade Canary, Paper Monkey, Tengu, Shiva Wu-san
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: Richard Dragon, Kung Fu Fighter Vol.1 #5 (1976) Bronze Age Villain
Known Associates: David Cain, League Of Assassins, Ras al Ghul
Group Affiliation: Formerly League of Assassins, Birds of Prey, Brotherhood of the Fist
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: Batman, Batgirl and Nightwing
Creators: Dennis O'Neil and Ric Estrada
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Lady Shiva has no super human powers, however she is probably the greatest Martial Artist in the world. She is trained in almost every martial-arts discipline and her body is a lethal weapon. She is also a master of virtually all hand-to-hand weapons and many missile-based weapons. Shiva is also an acrobat and her speed levels are nearly super human.
Shiva was born in a shanty town, in an unknown country, and raised to be a warrior and protector of the village. Eventually, Shiva successfully fled the village with her sister. Years later, when the heroine Black Canary visited the village to experience Shiva's training, a village child named Sin was held hostage by the villagers, with the promise that if Canary failed to become the warrior-protector of the village, Sin would take her place, suggesting that Shiva's sister was once used in a similar manner. Speaking about her childhood, Sin says that Ra's al Ghul's League of Assassins ran the village where she and Shiva were born and raised.
The sisters moved to Detroit, using the names Sandra and Carolyn Wu-San. There, they devoted their time to practicing the martial arts. Because of the girls' young age, talent, and unique bond as sisters, their practice evolved into a secret, perfected language that only they could share. Out of love for her sister, Sandra held back in her sparing with Carolyn. The assassin David Cain saw this restraint in Sandra one day when he visited Detroit to see the siblings perform. Considering Sandra a kindred spirit, Cain murdered Carolyn, in order to remove the obstruction that blunted Sandra's true potential.
Discovering that David Cain had murdered her sister, Sandra hunted him down, only to be lured into an ambush by Ra's al Ghul's League of Assassins, of which Cain was a member. In the heat of a losing battle, Sandra realized how Carolyn had held her back, and how much undeveloped potential she had. Cain spared her life, and in exchange, Sandra agreed to bare Cain a child, and leave it for him to raise. The child, Cassandra Cain, was to be Ra's al Ghul's "One Who Is All," a perfected bodyguard, whose only form of communication was literacy in body language, and whose sole instinct was for hand-to-hand combat. With Carolyn gone, Cassandra and Sandra were the only two humans known to share this gift. The day of Cassandra's birth, Sandra set out to become reborn as the Lady Shiva: creator and destroyer.
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