Personal Info:
Real Name: Justin Ballantine
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: Justice League Of America Vol.1 111
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Secret Society of Super-Villains, Former leader of the Injustice Gang I
Base Of Operations: Satelite above the Earth
Grudges: Justice League Of America
Gallery: Click
Transmortifier: Libra has special scales that are on an "energy transmortifier" device that drains half an object's power and transfers it to the wielder. Typically he will steal half of the abilities of anyone he is fighting.
Persuasion: Libra has an unusually high ability to convince people of the truth of his words, perhaps through usage of the Anti-Life Equation.
Telepathic Immunity: Libra does not seem to be affected by telepathic attacks.
Staff: Libra carries a staff with a spear tip that can burst into flames. The staff also contains his Transmortifier.
Crime Bible The Crime Bible is a religious text used as the central reading for the Religion of Crime, also known as the "Dark Faith".
Morbius Chair: Libra now possesses Metronís Mobius Chair, a vehicle which allowes him to travel through time, space, and other dimensions at will. The Mobius Chair is equipped with tractor beams powerful enough to pull a planet from its orbit.
Libra was born Justin Ballantine, he lost his mother at the age of eight due to an alcoholic pharmacist incorrectly measuring the medicine his mother needed. Soon after his father turned to alcoholism himself and brutally abused Justin regularly. Justin would later use all the money he had to buy a telescope so that he could stargaze and imagine a better life among the stars. His father came to the roof and threatened to beat him with his telescope one night but he lost his balance and fell to his death, which left Justin with the unhealthy idea that "life is just a matter of balance".
Studying hard, he was given a scholarship to Opal University, where he took the class of his personal idol: Ted Knight, formerly the hero Starman. Based on Knight's idea that the stars were possessed of boundless energy, Ballantine built a special device designed to create a "cosmic balance", draining half an object's power and transferring it to the wielder of the device, with technology based upon stolen blueprints of the Gravity Rod. He then called it an "Energy Transmortifier". Adopting the identity of Libra he became the secret founder of the group of super-villains named the Injustice Gang