Personal Info:
Real Name: Henry/Victor Hewitt
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: Fury of Firestorm Vol.1 18
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: 2000 Committee
Base Of Operations: New York City
Grudges: Firestorm and Firehawk
Gallery: Click
Elemental Control: Tokamak can project energy rings that alter the atomic structure of whatever was trapped within them. He could also use them to compress matter or demolish objects with tremendous force.
Body Armour: Tokamak’s body is filled with radioactive energy, and originally he wore an armoured suit. The suit was equipped with jet-boots that enabled him to fly.
Henry Hewitt was chairman and chief stockholder of the Hewitt Corporation, as well as an ally of the subversive 2000 Committee. Hewitt was ruthless, but also very sickly, in a state of almost total paralysis and unable to speak above a whisper. Hewitt kidnapped Lorraine Reilly, the daughter of N.Y. senator Walter Reilly in order to force the senator to cast the decisive vote on a bill that gave the Hewitt Corporation a monopoly on atomic power research. Hewitt then had Multiplex attempt to duplicate the nuclear accident that had given both Firestorm and Multiplex their superhuman powers. Hewitt used Lorraine as a test subject for Multiplex’s experimental nuclear reactor, and the radiation transformed her into Firehawk. Hewitt subjected her to mental conditioning, and sent her to kill Firestorm. After Seeing Firehawks’ failure, Hewitt decided to empower himself with the nuclear reactor. He got the power he wanted, and dubbed himself Tokamak, the Human Reactor.