Personal Info:
Real Name: Noah Cuttler
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: Detective Comics 463
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Leader of the Society
Base Of Operations: The Society's secret base
Grudges: Oracle
Gallery: Click
The Calculator has a genius level intelligence is a skilled manipulator and superb strategist. The Calculator also has a vast array of criminal contacts. In his early career he used a batllesuit.
Battlesuit: Calculator has used a battlesuit with a large calculator in the chest area. The computers in the suit can accurately predict the actions of any hero or even the Earth itself. A projector in the helmet is linked to the suit and can create items by solidifying the dust in the air. Calculator no longer uses this battlesuit and its whereabouts are unknown.
Little is known about Noah Kuttler a.k.a. the Calculator. There are indications of him being active as a super villain as early as 1975, fighting Starman Mikaal Tomas, but his main career has lasted for about ten years. Often dismissed because of his goofy looks, a keyboard strapped to his chest and an LCD visor on his forehead, it is often forgotten that his technology (of unknown origin) was extraordinary. By punching numbers on his keypad, he was capable of generating almost any energy construct, much like a Green Lantern Ring. The computer in his costume could calculate anything, anticipate any attack, and conclude how to strike at opponents. However, the Calculator had to encounter his opponent at least once before having sufficient info to use. Calculator first made a name attacking members of the JLA.