Personal Info:
Real Name: Doomsday
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Krypton
First Appearance: Superman: The Man Of Steel 17
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: The Society
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: Superman
Gallery: Click
Enhanced Abilities: Doomsday is probably the strongest being on the planet. He has defeated Superman and even Darkseid. His endurance and durability are also enhanced way beyond most superhuman levels. He can easily survive the rigours of space.
Body Armour: Doomsday is almost invulnerable to damage from physical and energy attacks.
Evolution: Doomsday is constantly evolving past his opponents in order to beat them. This has included closing of his auditory canals, poison and retractable claws.
Healing: Doomsday’s body has no internal organs or tissues and when damaged he heals almost immediately. He has even returned to life.
Bones: Doomsday has bony protrusions coming from his body. The bones have cut even Superman and Doomsday has even been able to fire the bones outward and retract them. He also seems to be able to administer a poison through his claws.
Leaping: Doomsday’s highly developed leg muscles allow him to leap miles with a single bound.
Doomsday was engineered and evolved on Krypton. Long before intelligent life had evolved and the planet became habitable a genetic engineer called Bertron came to Krypton. Bertron built a laboratory there and along with other scientists began an experiment to create the ultimate life form. Bertron took an infant and threw it out of the laboratory into the hostile environment of Krypton were hideous creatures tore it to pieces. The remains of that child were collected and a new child cloned. Bertron and his team repeated this process for over thirty years each day killing the child and re-cloning him. Over the years the child evolved to meet the needs of the hostile environment outside and eventually overcame it even wiping out the creatures outside. After 2 years of survival outside the laboratory the creature returned having remembered what Bertron had done to him. He destroyed the laboratory and killed Bertron.
Doomsday roamed the planet until eventually he escaped on a supply ship that arrived on the planet. Over the years Doomsday went from planet to planet ravaging each in turn and eventually arrived on Calaton. After nearly 3 years of relentless attacks from Doomsday the Calaton royal family sacrificed themselves to create a pure energy being to take on Doomsday. The being succeeded and stopped Doomsday. Doomsday’s lifeless body was sent out into space where it drifted, until it became entangled in an asteroid flow and crashed upon the planet Earth.