Brother Grimm
Brother Grimm
Personal Info:
Real Name: Cliff
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Eastwind
First Appearance: Flash Vol.2 166
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: None
Base Of Operations: Eastwind
Grudges: Flash
Magic: Brother Grimm is a natural sorcerer, skilled in various kinds of fairy-tale-based magic such as creating dragons and beanstalks.
Speed Force Sense: Brother Grimm is somehow able to 'sense' the Speed Force. This means that he is able to predict the moves the Flash will make in a fight no matter how fast he is moving at the time.
In the other-dimensional land of Eastwind, the Tin Reverend, who seized control of the kingdom, killed the people’s beloved king. His army ravaged the country, stopping only when there was nothing left to conquer. Grimm and Angar, sons of the army’s commander, Brother Nightingale, discovered another world, Earth and Nightingale prepared to attack through Central City. But Grimm was tired of war, and sent a warning to Central City’s hero, the Flash, who “along with his squire, Kid Flash, and the elder statesman” came to Eastwind and defeated the Reverend and his captain.
The people of Eastwind freed from tyranny, made Grimm their king. But he was uninterested in ruling, and wished to seek his destiny as an artist. Torn by this dilemma, he took the advice of Kid Flash, who told him to seek his own path. Relieved, he gave the crown to his brother Angar, who eventually became as much a tyrant as his father. To save his people, Grimm waged war on his brother, ultimately slaying Angar and taking back the crown.
Deeply regretting that he had stepped aside, that he had taken Kid Flash’s advice, he was horrified when he found that Kid Flash had simply taken his mentor’s legacy, and not followed his own path. Kid Flash had lied to him, he was certain, and had cost his people dearly, and almost destroyed his kingdom. With his knowledge of dimensions, he devised a plan to eliminate the Flash and take over a new kingdom.