Endless Winter
Endless Winter
Personal Info:
Real Name: Delores Winters
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: JSA Classified Vol.1 19
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: None
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: Doctor Mid-Nite
Ice Generation: Endless Winterís skin has the ability to manipulate moisture and temperature so as to create ice and cold. However, she has had no training in the use of these powers and she cannot control them to any degree.
In the early 1940s Delores was a rare beauty - a rising star on the silver screen that might have been legend with just a few better-chosen parts. She had had a sexual indiscretion while simply an aspiring actress but did not choose to have an abortion, instead, she gave birth to a healthy daughter and gave her up for adoption, she then commenced her career in earnest. Delores was kidnapped by the Ultra-Humanite for the purpose of a body swap. Her brain was removed and the villain's brain was placed into the cranium of the actress.
All who knew of Miss Winters' abduction believed her dead. The truth, however, was that the mad scientist who assisted the Ultra-Humanite had other plans for the actress. He had seen all of the actress' movies and thought of himself as a fan, and so he preserved her brain as only he knew how, and sought out a new body for her. He found one in a recent suicide at Our Lady of Snows' General Hospital. The reaction of the "saved" Miss Winters was far from grateful. She asked for death or for a prettier body. Delores regained her life with a sense of loss of her identity, of the life she felt she deserved and with the aid of Doctor Marten, she began a series of surgeries aimed at taking the ugly body of the suicide and transforming it into something beautiful.
Delores Winters became intimate with reconstructive surgery and though it was painful she was a woman with a driven obsession. Yet all bodies age, even reconstructed ones. Sometime in the 1950ís or 1960ís Miss Winters had Doctor Marten locate and abduct her daughter, now a young and beautiful woman. Delores had her brain transplanted, and it was her daughter this time that was cast aside and left to die.
She continued to have cosmetic surgeries as she lived her life of ease and wealth. Some time during the 2000ís, however, she decided to repair her aging skin by having a full transplant - and as a donor she chose the heroine Icemaiden. She paid Warp to kidnap Icemaiden and then had Doctor Marten conduct the surgery. In the end Delores Winters had new alabaster skin while the heroine had been flayed alive. Delores Winters then set herself up as the operator of a spa/clinic that specialises in cosmetic surgeries, calling herself Endless Winter.