Speed Demon
Speed Demon
Personal Info:
Real Name: Dr. Jerry McGee
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: Flash Vol.2 5
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: None
Base Of Operations: Syracuse, New York
Grudges: The Flash
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Enhanced Abilities: Speed Demon has enhanced strength and endurance.
Super Speed: Speed Demon has super human speed that allows him to reach the speed of sound.
Invulnerability: Speed Demon has a limited invulnerability.
Dr. Jerry McGhee was a genetic research scientist specialising in hyper-physiology, the development of super-athletes. He began to enjoy minor successes and progress in his work on test subjects; however he became obsessed with his work to the point of madness, eventually driving his wife Tina away from him.
When Mc Ghee learned that Tina had become infatuated with the super-speedster known as the Flash, he turned his experiments on himself. He managed to endow himself with speed comparable to that of Flash’s but, because his methods involved steroids and unsafe electrode implants, his dementia became uncontrollable and his body became massive and distended.
Donning a costume containing an electronically metered, computer controlled device that automatically injected him with the steroids needed to maintain this super-speed, “Speed” Mc Ghee tried to destroy the Flash.