Lord Satanus
Lord Satanus
Personal Info:
Real Name: Satanus
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: Action Comics 655
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Brother of Blaze
Base Of Operations: The Netherworld
Grudges: Superman
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Supernatural Power: Lord Satanus is a creature of great supernatural might. Within the confines of his Netherworld, his power is virtually limitless. Even the substance of that dimension is apparently his to control, as he can animate the very rock and lava of her domain. Lord Satanus can transport himself between dimensions, teleport and alter his size and appearance, seemingly at will.
Trident: Lord Satanus carries a trident that allows him to fire blasts of hellfire.
In the infernal Netherworld, he is Lord Satanus, a demon, and son of the wizard Shazam. He is in conflict with his demoness sister Blaze for control of an extra-dimensional purgatory, where human souls suffer endless torments. Deposed by Blaze, Satanus made his way to Earth and assumed the guise of mortal Colin Thornton, publisher of the Metropolis base Newstime magazine.