Modred the Mystic
Modred the Mystic
Personal Info:
Real Name: Modred
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: 6th Century, England
First Appearance: Marvel Chillers Vol.1 1
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Darkhold Redeemers
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: Doctor Strange, Avengers and Captain Britain
Gallery: Click
Magic: Before his encounter with the Darkhold, Modred was an apprentice mage and as such knew some minor magic spells. Since Chthon took possession of his soul, however, Modred gained immense mystical abilities. These powers include control of the elements of fire, earth, wind and water, telepathy, flight, teleportation, illusion casting and the ability to fire bolts of mystical energy. Modred is also capable of casting any of the vast number of spells within the Darkhold.
In the age of Camelot, Modred was the apprentice of the wizard Gervasse and was to marry Gervasse's daughter Lady Janice, upon his graduation to Mage. But word came from King Arthur that Merlin wanted Modred to act as his apprentice. Both Modred and Gervasse knew that Merlin had grown strange and wicked of late (actually having been replaced by an imposter) and if Modred went, he would not return. Gervasse felt that they had no choice, as it was a request from the King, but Modred refused and swore to seek out the power of the Darkhold, with which he could put an end to Merlin's reign. When Modred arrived in the Tower of the Darkhold the book immediately took hold of him and the Other was summoned. The Other demanded a sacrice and Modred knew that by refusing he would be able to get the power he sought. He remained strong against the Other until Janice entered the room and the Other turned its attention to her. To save her Modred gave himself up as the sacrifice and fell into a living death. Gervasse took Modred and placed him in a crypt where he would be kept under a spell safe until the day that he would walk the world again. Modred was awakened in the modern era when Janet Lyton disrupted the spell.