Personal Info:
Real Name: Sn'Hoj
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Space Sector 3201
First Appearance: Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps Special 1
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Sinestro Corps
Base Of Operations: Space Sector 3201
Grudges: Green Lantern's
Gallery: Click
Robotic Construct: Sníhoj is a robotic entity thatís body gives it some protection against physical and energy attacks. It is immune to diseases and toxins and doesnít need to eat, sleep or breathe.
Digging: Sníhoj is able to burrow through ships.
Assimilation: Sníhoj has the ability to assimilate technology that it can make use out of.
Qwardian Power Ring: Members of the Sinestro Corps use yellow power rings built on Qward and are fuelled by fear instead of willpower. The rings can create constructs based on the wielders own thoughts, produce energy blasts, generate force fields, instil fear, render the wearer invisible, allow them to phase, fly, absorb energy, translate languages, create spacial warps and even regenerate health in a limited way.
SníHoj floats in deep space, itís body acting as camouflage against the starfield. As soon as a ship passes, it springs into action, burrowing itís way to the control unit and disabling it. SníHoj then assimilates any technology that it can make use of, and murders the crew. SníHoj joined the Sinestro Corps in hopes of finding new technologies to steal, and it is rumoured that it co-opted Oan technology during the invasion of Oa.