Personal Info:
Real Name: Larfleeze
Also Known As: Agent Orange, Agent Blue, Orange Lantern, The One-Man Corps, The Beast of Okaara
Place Of Birth: Ogaato
First Appearance: DC Universe Vol.1 #0 (2008) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Sayd, Glomulus
Group Affiliation: Orange Lantern Corps, New Guardians
Base Of Operations: Okaara
Grudges: Green Lanterns
Creators: Geoff Johns and Philip Tan
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Orange Power Ring: An Orange Power ring is powered by avarice, or greed. There is only one true member of the Orange Lanterns, Larfleeze. All other "members" are only constructs of Larfleeze 's power ring. Each member is actually the projected spirit of a being Larfleeze has killed before. The ring can create constructs based on the wielders own thoughts, produce energy blasts, generate force fields, absorb the constructs of other ring wielders, render the wearer invisible, allow them to phase, fly, absorb energy, translate languages, create spacial warps and even regenerate health in a limited way.
Longevity: Larfleeze appears to have an incredibly long Life Span, having lived on Okaara for a millennium.
Enhanced Senses: Larfleeze possesses an extremely powerful sense of smell.
Several billion years ago a group of thieves consisting of Larfleeze (who was their leader), Chattle, Flob, Blooch, and Turpa of the planet Ogatoo performed for a mysterious buyer what was perhaps the greatest heist ever pulled in the history of the universe. The group stole a monumental amount of treasures and relics from the planet Maltus, including a box containing Parallax and a section of an ancient map that had originally belonged to Krona.
While escaping the planet, Chattle was captured by The Manhunters but the other four escaped with both the box and the map. Upon studying the map Larfleeze, Chattle, Blooch and Turpa travelled to Okaara in The Vega System where, following the death of Flob at the hands of a giant man-eating plant, they discovered the Orange Lantern Central Power Battery upon falling into an ancient underground palace.
Overwhelmed by it's power, Larfleeze, Blooch and Turpa began desperately fighting for the power battery and as they did The Guardians of the Universe and an army of Manhunters descended upon Okaara in an attempt to retrieve the box containing Parallax. However, because of it's proximity to Larfleeze and the others, The Guardians could not get within reaching distance of the box.
The Guardians and Manhunters who tried were incinerated by the Orange Light of Avarice. More Guardians and Manhunters fell to the Orange Light in the midst of the chaos, along with Blooch. The remaining Guardians decided to make a deal and, once Larfleeze and Turpa learned that the Guardians weren't after the Orange Light, they became more inclined to listen.
In return for Parallax, The Guardians would give control of the Orange Light of Avarice as well as the entire Vega System over to the one who survived the struggle for the Orange Lantern, that survivor was Larfleeze. The deal was hammered out, Parallax was returned to the Guardians and Larfleeze became Agent Orange.
The Guardians also promised that neither they nor anyone affiliated with them would ever come back, so long as Larfleeze kept up his end of the bargain and did not allow The Orange Light to shine beyond the borders of The Vega System. That did not stop people from coming to look for the Orange Light of Avarice, however and, over the billions of years Larfleeze spent festering in an ancient underground palace, countless people were murdered and their souls became slaves to Larfleeze's will.
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