The Spook
The Spook
Personal Info:
Real Name: Val Kaliban
Also Known As: No known Alias
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: Detective Comics Vol.1 #434 (1984) Bronze Age Villain
Known Associates: No Known Associates
Group Affiliation: Black Lantern Corps
Base Of Operations: Gotham City
Grudges: Batman
Creators: Frank Robbins and Irv Novick
The Spook is a master escape artist second only to Mister Miracle (Scott Free) and Batman. The Spook utilized a wide array of gadgets and devices in order to simulate various supernatural effects. Some of these devices include inflatable effigies of himself that can float through the air, finger-tip and boot suction cups for scaling buildings, and smoke machines for obscuring the perceptions of others.
Hypnosis: The Spook is a master hypnotist and can easily manipulate the weak-minded.
Val Kaliban was an architectural draftsman for a legal engineering firm involved in city planning for Gotham City. Kaliban tampered with the plans for its maximum security prison, to permit the construction of a network of secret passages throughout the prison. After the prison was built, Kaliban intended to use the secret passages to release convicts for a high price.
Kaliban murdered his superior at the engineering firm, because he had learned of Kaliban's plan. Sentenced to die in the electric chair, Kaliban found a look-alike and somehow substituted the look-alike for himself. The double was executed, while Kaliban, believed dead, remained at large. Kaliban then made certain that the Gotham maximum security prison was built the way he desired.
Ten years after his supposed execution, Kaliban, in the costumed guise of The Spook, offered "escape insurance" policies to criminals for a price. The Spook guaranteed that he would free any of his policy holders who were imprisoned.
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