Doctor Polaris
Doctor Polaris
Personal Info:
Real Name: John Nichol
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: Justice League of America Vol.2 17
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Former member of Intergang
Base Of Operations: Sextant Industries, Mexico
Grudges: Blue Beetle
Creators: Dwayne McDuffie and Jon Boy Meyers
Gallery: Click
Magnetic Control: Doctor Polaris can shape and manipulate electromagnetic fields that exist naturally or artificially, allowing him to lift and move heavy objects, control ferrous particles in the atmosphere, and even alter the Earth's magnetic field. He has the ability to project or manipulate many forms of energy that are related to magnetism. He can fire bolts of electricity and create enough intense heat to destroy a metal door. He can generate force fields and fly by means of magnetic control.
John Nichol never was fond of rules, and believed from an early age that only weak people obey them. But Nichol wouldn't have gotten far in life if he didn't pretend he was a law-abiding citizen himself. After finishing business school the easy way he got a job at Sextant Industries by lying in his résumé, and doing anything in his power to get ahead.
Still, with his new job Nichol felt he missed something in his life. Until he attended a book lecture of Neal Emerson, the original Doctor Polaris. Emerson taught that by harnessing the power of Magnetism, a man could achieve his full potential.
Nichol learned that there was nothing wrong with his bold approach to life. He quickly bought all of Emerson's books and cd's, and within six weeks Nichol began to develop his own powers. As his powers grew, Nichol began to devise uses for them Emerson had never imagined. Accidentally, Nichol killed a co-worker during an argument by altering the magnetic field in the man's brain, creating a deadly electrical current. Doctors mistook the murder for a death by stroke.
Nichol grew bolder and his business deals went far. The Sextant board of directors called him to an emergency board meeting and demanded his resignation, intending to turn him in to the S.E.C.. Nichol wouldn't let that happen and used his powers to engineer a gas explosion to kill the entire board. Six years later he was in full control of Sextant Industries and immediately moved the entire company to Mexico, where the labour was cheaper, the police were easier to buy and environmental laws didn't exist. Nichol was set up for life if he wanted. Still restless Nichol adopted the identity of Doctor Polaris when the original was killed by the Human Bomb.