Lord Chaos
Lord Chaos
Personal Info:
Real Name: Robert Long
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Alternate time line, Earth
First Appearance: New Titans Annual 7
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: None
Base Of Operations: Alternate time line, Earth
Grudges: Teen Titans
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Lord Chaos has all the powers of the original Titan Gods. He has super human strength and can fly. Lord Chaos can use his sun powers to part the darkness with brilliance, or to set fire to whatever he desires. He can terraform the Earth, and can control the seven seas. He can fly and is able to teleport.
Immortality: Lord Chaos is immortal, he does not age and cannot be killed by conventional means.
It all began when Donna Troy, who was gifted with godlike powers, became pregnant. The foetus was nurtured, in Donna’s womb, growing in power even before it was born. The foetus instinctively new of it’s godhood, and this knowledge drove it insane.
Lord Chaos' legacy could be seen 10 years in the future – in an alternate timeline where Chaos ruled the earth.
Upon it’s birth, the boy saw his earthly surrounding’s and knew he was destined to rule the world as the original god’s had ruled it millennia ago.
The boy aged himself to adulthood and began his conquest of the planet. In the process, he murdered his own mother and father as well as the rest of the New Titans.
The man-boy god knew that the original Titans of Myth were the spawn of the elder gods, Uranus and Gaea, who in turn were the offspring of the original force of life known only as chaos. The man-boy god saw himself as the new force of existence, and so called himself Lord of Chaos.