Personal Info:
Real Name: Heggra
Also Known As: Queen Heggra
Place Of Birth: Apokolips
First Appearance: The New Gods Vol.1 #7 (1972) Bronze Age Villain
Known Associates: Yuga Khan, Darkseid, Kalibak, Desaad, Tigra, Steppenwolf
Group Affiliation: New Gods of Apokolips
Base Of Operations: Apokolips
Grudges: The New Gods
Creators: Jack Kirby
Enhanced Abilities: Heggra has super human strength, speed, agility, endurance and durability.
New God Physiology: Heggra is a New God, New Gods have evolved due to their close proximity to the Source, a primeval energy, believed to be one of the ultimate foundations of the Universal Expression of Energy, along with their superior technology, into beings of genetic stability and evolutionary perfection. The denizens of Apokolips are stronger, faster, and smarter than homo sapiens, despite their resemblance to the same.
Immortality: The New Gods, are functionally immortal, having ceased aging physically near the age of 30. Unless they fall in battle, they are immune to the ravages of time, and could easily live for thousands upon thousands of years.
Heggra became the monarch of Apokolips, after her husband Yuga Khan was claimed by the Source Wall in the Promethean Galaxy. She is sister to the New God named Steppenwolf. Heggra gave birth to two sons: Drax, the elder, became the Infinity-Man, Uxas, the younger, became Darkseid.
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