Mad Dog
Mad Dog
Personal Info:
Real Name: "The Mad Dog" Cain
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: Batgirl Vol.1 67
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: League of Assassins
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: Batgirl
Creators: Andersen Gabrych and Ale Garza
Mad Dog has no super human powers, however he is a phenomenal Martial Artist. He is trained in almost every martial-arts discipline and his body is a lethal weapon. He is also a master of virtually all hand-to-hand weapons and many missile-based weapons. His reflexes and speed levels are nearly super human.
David Cain, one of the world's premier assassins, was by the nature of his profession a very lonely man, and began thinking about what he would leave behind when he died. He wished for a "perfect child" - specifically a "perfect artisan of his craft".
Cain was at this time a member of Ra's al Ghul's League of Assassins. Ra's had created the League to be "The fang that protects his head", but he had grown tired of the uncertain loyalties of its members. When he learned of the theories Cain was developing to train a perfect killer, Ra's was intrigued, and supplied Cain with infant test subjects in the hopes of creating a new generation of assassins. This experiment proved disastrous; those infants that survived eventually turned on one another until only one boy remained. Ra's ordered one of his "Ubu" guards to kill the boy "like a mad dog". The guard, however, took pity on the abused child, and secretly set him free in the woods instead. Cain and Ra's al Ghul did not know that the boy still lived, and Cain began a new experiment, raising his own daughter, Cassandra, to replace his earlier failures.
Ra's' daughter, Nyssa Raatko, did know that "The Mad Dog" had survived. Years later, after Ra's' death, she sought out The Mad Dog and made him a member of her new League of Assassins. She took him on as a protegé, telling him everything about the experiments, and about who he was intended to be.