The Clown
The Clown
Personal Info:
Real Name: Lyle Corley
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: The Flash Vol.1 270
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: None
Base Of Operations: Central City
Grudges: The Flash
Pogo Stick: The Clown uses a jet propelled pogo stick, which can also be transformed into a jet propelled spear.
Tricks The Clown employs a number of trick devices such as: laughing gas, a sleeping gas pie, explosive replicaís of himself and smothering candy floss.
Car: The Clown drives a car that looks like an old jalopy, however pieces of the car detach as shrapnel. Underneath is a high speed vehicle.
Calliope: The Clown has a calliope which can fire rockets, has an ejector seat and can produce a smoke screen.
Flight: The Clown uses a flying trapeze.
In the middle of their high-wire act, the Flying Corleys were startled by a power failure. Three fell to their deaths, and the fourth was critically injured. They might have been saved had the Flash been there, and he was scheduled to make a charity performance, but he had been called away on an emergency JLA case. The blackout itself would have been prevented if construction of Central Cityís new power plant hadnít been delayed.
Lyle Corley, the sole survivor, recovered physically, at least but mad with grief, he began to plot his revenge.