Personal Info:
Real Name: Unknown
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Mars
First Appearance: Justice League Of America Vol.2 1
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: The Hyperclan
Base Of Operations: Z'onn Z'orr
Grudges: Justice League Of America
Enhanced Abilities: Zenturionís Martian physiology gives him enhanced strength, agility, speed and endurance.
Microwave Projection: Zenturion is able to project concentrated microwaves from his eyes.
Shape Changing: Zenturion like all Martians is able to change his body form and shape at will.
Telepathy: Zenturion is able to read minds and project his own thoughts like all Martians.
Flight: Zenturion is able to fly.
Invisibility: Zenturion is able to bend light and make himself invisible.
Density Manipulation: Zenturion is able to control his bodyís density.
Life on Mars (Ma'aleca'andra to its people) developed several millennia ahead of the human race on Earth. The planet was home to two races, one coloured green and one white. As their civilization advanced, Martians began to explore other worlds, including Saturn (H'ronmeerca'andra) and Earth. On both worlds, the Martians initiated special experiments, but the Martians were not a populous people. Both races began to clone themselves in order to create a workforce. Red-skinned clones were engineered specifically for the Saturnian environment, but treated as equals by their Green creators. The white-skinned Saturnians were produced to mimic their pale Martian masters, but treated as slaves.
This very situation created a civil war among the Ma'aleca'andreans. After massive casualties all around, the triumphant green Martians exiled their remaining 70 white brethren into the "Still Zone," aboard their mammoth mothership, where they would not be heard from for thousands of years.
Eons later, the White Martians found a way out of the Still Zone and Zenturion came to earth with other disguised Martians who formed a team called the Hyperclan. Claiming their home world had been destroyed by negligence and greed they offered to save Earth from a similar fate.