Personal Info:
Real Name: Mzzttexxal
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: Jonni Thunder Vol.1 11
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Partner of Zzlrrrzzzm
Base Of Operations: Los Angeles
Grudges: Infinity Inc.
Creators: Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas and Dick Giordano
Gallery: Click
Electrical Manipulation: Thunderbolt can manipulate electrical and electromagnetic energy, allowing a number of feats, including flight and electrical blasts.
Mzzttexxal is one of a race of parasitic energy beings from an unknown world who need to possess humanoid host bodies in order to survive. Arriving on Earth aeons ago, her people found no suitable hosts as humanity had yet to evolve, so they somehow stored themselves in carved metal figurines and entered a state of hibernation to await discovery when a suitable life form had evolved. Eventually, Mzzttexxal's figurine was discovered in Peru and worshipped as an idol, changing hands many times over the years until it came into the possession of private detective Jonni Thunder, who inadvertently awakened Mzzttexxal. The energy creature, which Jonni came to call her 'Thunderbolt', bonded with Jonni, who at first believed her to be a part of herself since she initially exercised a degree of control over it and for the Thunderbolt to be active, Jonni needed to be unconscious. The Thunderbolt quickly managed to free itself from Jonni's control though, and turned on her, repeatedly attacking both Jonni and her boyfriend, Sylvester Pemberton, the superhero known as Skyman. The Thunderbolt attacked Skyman and his allies in Infinity, Inc.