The Shark
The Shark
Personal Info:
Real Name: Karshon
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: Green Lantern Vol.2 24
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Weaponers of Qward, The Society
Base Of Operations: Coast City
Grudges: Green Lantern and Aquaman
Creators: John Broome and Gil Kane
Gallery: Click
Enhanced Abilities: The Shark has super human strength and endurance.
Psychokinesis: The Shark has a number of mental powers, such as the ability to instil fear in his victims, manipulate matter, project energy bolts and communicate telepathically.
Claws: The Shark has a set of claws.
Teeth: The Shark a set of has sharpened teeth and can use them as a weapon.
Water/Air Breathing: The Shark has gills and can breathe in water as well as on land.
Swimming: The Shark can swim at up to 60 Miles per hour.
Enhanced Senses: The Shark has an enhanced sense of smell.
Flight: The Shark can fly by psyonically levitating himself.
When an atomic pile went out of control at an experimental atomic station, there was an explosion which released radiation and mutated a tiger shark that was swimming close to the shore. Rapidly, the Shark developed humanoid looks, as well as great psionic powers and human-level intelligence.
The Tiger Shark telepathically absorbed knowledge from the minds of humans, thus learning how to speak. But despite his newly found abilities, the Shark retained his instinct to hunt and destroy his prey.
However, the Shark soon realized that with all his new abilities hunting humans would be too easy. He telepathically sought out a victim who would be worthy of him, and he learned of Green Lantern, and how Hal Jordan was supposedly a man without fear. The Shark decided he would hunt Green Lantern and that before he killed him, Jordan would experience fear.