Mirror Master
Mirror Master
Personal Info:
Real Name: Evan McCulloch
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Scotland
First Appearance: Animal Man 8
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: The Society, The Rogues
Base Of Operations: Central and Keystone City
Grudges: The Flash
Creators: Grant Morrison and Chas Truog
Gallery: Click
Mirrors: Mirror Master uses mirrors that produce fantastic effects such as hypnotism, holograms, physical transformations, communications and travel into other dimensions.
Mirror Laser Pistol: Mirror Master uses a laser pistol.
Scotsman Evan McCulloch grew up in an orphanage; a photograph of his parents was all he had. Without even a name, he took his surname from the woman who ran the orphanage. The Orphanage was terrorised by a boy called Georgie and one night it became Evanís turn, he fought back against Georgie and killed him. Evan left the orphanage at sixteen, and began a criminal career working his way up from brawling and robbery to a hired hit man. Evan became an extremely good hit man and one day took a job, and only at the last second, after he had pulled the trigger, did he recognize his target as his father. By the time he worked up the nerve to contact his mother, she had killed herself.
In the depths of his despair, agents from the US government found him. He was shocked to find they didnít want to imprison him, they wanted to hire him. To hide their involvement, they gave him the original Mirror Masterís equipment. He struck out on his own quickly after he sent his employers to a Mirror World.