Personal Info:
Real Name: Laira Omoto
Also Known As: Green Lantern Of Space Sector 112
Place Of Birth: Jayd
First Appearance: Green Lantern Corps Quarterly Vol.1 #6 (1993) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Atrocitus, Red Lanterns
Group Affiliation: Black Lantern Corps, formerly Green Lantern, formerly Red Lantern
Base Of Operations: Ysmault
Grudges: Green Lanterns
Creators: Ruben Diaz and Travis Charest
Laira once possessed a Green Lantern Power Ring, as well as a Black Lantern ring.
Red Power Ring: The Red Power rings use red energy, supplied by a power battery, which in most cases takes the form of red light. The power ring can be used to fire blasts of rage energy. This power is unique as it takes the form of rage-energized blood. The power ring can project this blood from either the mouth or focused through the ring. This blood has the effect of bursting into flames of rage, these flames burn even in space and are so powerful as to burn through the energy auras of opponent ring wielders and corrupt their power rings, depleting them at an accelerated rate. The weapon's power is more an indication of the rage of the user, rather than his willpower.
Flight: By the manipulation of anti-gravitons and directed molecular movement, the Red Lantern ring allows the user to fly at incredible speeds.
Laira was rigorously and strictly trained by her father to someday replace him as their sector's Green Lantern. Through his training, she became a master of their native martial arts and infused with a powerful sense of honor and tradition. Her father disappeared after the Crisis on Infinite Earths, and she was chosen by the Guardians as a potential replacement. On Oa, she was assigned to Ke'Haan for training. Rather than fail as many had under Ke'Haan's harsh brand of tutelage, she became his prized pupil. Some suspected she became even more than that, but while the feelings for each other were there, both were too honourable to act on them.
Laira served as a highly skilled and loyal member of the Corps for years. She participated in an attack on Qward, during the Sinestro Corps War, an attack that resulted in the death of her trainer Ke'Haan. In the aftermath of the war, Laira mourned Ke'Haan's death like no other and no longer held back the feelings she carried for him. She and the other Lost Lanterns were given permission by the Guardians to escort his remains back to his family.
When they arrived on the planet Varva, they found in horror that Ke'Haan's whole family had been murdered and laid out for all to see under the burning insignia of the Sinestro Corps. The perpetrator of this crime, Amon Sur, had even remained at the scene to take credit for the deed and willingly turned himself in. Rather than accept his surrender, Laira murdered him in cold blood. The results of her actions, were the stripping away of her membership of the Corps. Feeling dishonoured, angry and betrayed, she accepted a Red Lantern ring and was indoctrinated into the Red Lantern Corps.
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