Personal Info:
Real Name: Mace Gardner
Also Known As: No known Alias
Place Of Birth: Baltimore, Maryland
First Appearance: Guy Gardner Vol.1 #12 (1993) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Camorouge, Gunhawk, Bunny
Group Affiliation: Quorum
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: Guy Gardener
Creators: Chuck Dixon and Joe Staton
Militia is an Expert Combatant, Sniper, Master of Weapons and Explosives
Militia Power Armour: Militia's powers vary in accordance with what hardware is currently available to him. He has modified the original weapons systems and suit several times. The armour affords some protection from physical and energy attacks.
Enhanced Abilities: Militia has super human strength, agility, speed, durability and endurance.
Enhanced Senses: Militia’s senses are enhanced by his armour providing, Electro-magnetic Spectrum Vision, Night Vision, Infrared Vision, Telescopic Vision And Radioscopic Scans.
Flight: Militia is able to fly.
Weapons: Militia usually carries a Gatlin gun and has a sword housed in his arm.
Mace Gardner was born to Roland and Peggy Gardner in Baltimore, Maryland, a pair of Irish immigrants. His father was always particularly proud of Mace, however he was a drunk and abused both his mother and his younger brother, Guy. Mace entered college football and after breaking several records he decided to become a police officer. When his younger brother Guy came into conflict with the law, Mace beat him and told him to go straight. Guy took his advice and turned to the right side of the law, eventually becoming a Green Lantern.
Whilst in pursuit of a drug dealer Mace was shot and crippled from the waist down. Unable to cope with his injuries, depressed and with no way out in sight, Mace tried to commit suicide by drowning himself in a river, he survived the attempt and was recruited by the corrupt organization known as Quorum. They enhanced him with cybernetics and made him into the mercenary known as Militia.
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