Personal Info:
Real Name: Tarsus Deltar
Also Known As: Synnar, Lord Synnar the Demiurge, Latmeer of Rann, Tarkac the Black , Joseph Stalin, Tharus Zeltar, The Nameless, God's Architect
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: Hawkman Special Vol.1 (2008) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Deacon Dark
Group Affiliation: None
Base Of Operations: Universe-wide
Grudges: Hawkman, Captain Comet, Adam Strange
Creators: Jim Starlin and Al Milgrom
Demiurge is a God like being, who’s exact powers are ill defined. He appears to possess cosmic awareness, the power to perceive and understand the workings of the universe on a cosmic level. He also appears to have the ability to warp the fabric of reality itself.
According to Plato, in the beginning, there was light and the almighty. God became cognizant but he did not like singularity so he created the Demiurge, God's architect. God felt that life required beauty but beauty would eventually grow into complexity because the Demiurge represented creativity. It was the Demiurge who created alternate realities from God's original universe. Demiurge felt that God had abandoned him to maintain what he had created while God was too busy being the supreme one. The Demiurge despised God's lofty status and God had very little tolerance for the Demiurge's defiance.
The Demiurge couldn't believe God would have the audacity to punish those who questioned God's divine edict. God's treatment towards Demiurge's celestial creations angered him to the point where he no longer saw God as a benevolent deity and considered God's work as not only a lie but a joke. Demiurge intended to rally enough power to overthrow God but God of course, is all knowing. God had hoped his creation would learn humility despite his transgressions but God had no other choice but to punish the Demiurge for his machinations. God condemned Demiurge for his treachery as he did with Lucifer the Morning Star.
God decreed that the Demiurge would forever remain the Nameless and the Demiurge was reduced to almost nothing. The Demiurge existed on a subatomic level and he could only rely on subterfuge as well as misdirection in order to survive. The Nameless became whole again in a crystalline form when he merged with his creations. When the Ice Age finally passed on Earth, the Demiurge would mask his identity through different incarnations. As time went by, the Demiurge abandoned his original namesake and decided to be called Synnar.
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