Personal Info:
Real Name: Mother Star
Also Known As: Starro Conquerors, Starro the Conqueror, Mini-Starro, Starro Spore
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: The Brave and the Bold Vol.1 #28 (1960) Silver Age Villain
Known Associates: No Known Associates
Group Affiliation: None
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: Justice League Of America
Creators: Gardner Fox and Mike Sekowsky
Gallery: Click
Enhanced Abilities: Starro has superhuman strength, endurance and durability.
Reproduction: Star conquerors can asexually reproduce countless miniature Starro's to latch onto and enslave the minds of planetary populaces in a brief amount of time. Starro's parasite clones will communicate telepathically to Starro. A Starro parasite can maintain control over its victim/host for an extended period of time, forcing them to obey their every whim, even if it goes against the nature of the selected target. This ability only works so long as the parasite maintains physical contact with its victim. Once the parasite is removed, the victim regains control of their mind and motor function once again. The victim/host will have nausea, headaches, fatigue, dizziness, migraines, or heavy drowsiness.
Infection: Starro's main means of conquering worlds is through the repetitive self-generated duplication of smaller cast-off's created from its own body. To which these 'Control Stars' would fly about or flop across the ground before latching onto an indigenous life-form's face or stick to the back of their cranial area to establish in-depth neuropsychic control over an unwitting host.
Remote Mental Influence: Even without a Starro parasite directly controlling a host, The larger Starro can influence minds on a more indirect level by reaching out to the dreaming within the resting subconscious mind. Able to appropriate induced sleep within a host to ensnare them within ones own wakeless fantasy, thereby allowing it to probe and assimilate the mindscape of countless potential vessels that the 'Mother Stars' can then seed with a smaller 'Control Star' organism later on. The victim/host will have nausea, headaches, fatigue, dizziness, migraines, heavy drowsiness, or blackouts while awake from Starro's telepathically effects.
Regeneration: Despite its immense resilience and energy absorption capabilities, Starro probes are still susceptible to physical injury if dealt enough damaging force. The larger Starros are capable of physiological regenesis in the likely event of suffering a severe abrasion, possessing self-healing powerful enough to regrow itself from a fragment of the original body.
Self-Sustenance: Barring its need to feed on foreign power sources, the Starro species can survive indefinitely in the vacuum of space without nourishment, nor rest for decades to centuries on end.
Invulnerability: A fully grown Starro is impervious to most conventional forms of attack. Any Gunfire, missiles, and similar weapons are ineffective against a Starro, including nuclear weapons. Starro will simply drink in it's energy output both as a means of defense from any of it's attackers to reverse channel the firepower back to it's enemies. As well as a means of supplementary sustenance to feed the star conquerors hunger.
Flight: A fully grown Starro is capable of wingless flight in both outer space and atmospheric environments.
Energy Absorption and Projection: Starro, both mini-clones and larger progenitor, can absorb energy and re-channel energy as powerful blasts of raw force. Either directing it through the tip of each tentacle as well from its central eye at any given moment to make itself unpredictable with it's attacks.
Longevity: Starro's race can live millions of years without fear of time catching up to them.
Terraforming: The much larger Starro' in the parasitic species roster can range to the size of planetary ocean bodies in scale. As an added quality these massive probes are capable of aggressively changing global ecosystems on a small or larger range such as changing the whether patterns for offensive needs.
The Star Conqueror is an eons old extra-terrestrial menace that is really a collective consciousness that drifts through the cosmos conquering entire worlds with itís trillions of face-sucking probes.
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