Personal Info:
Real Name: Cassandra Colchis
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Colchis
First Appearance: Wonder Woman 18
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Injustice League Unlimited, Former member of Injustice Gang II
Base Of Operations: Unknown
Grudges: Wonder Woman
Creators: George Pérez
Gallery: Click
Magic: Circe is a legendary sorceress and can wield magic for many effects. She can transform people into beastiamorphs, fire mystical bolts, mental bolts, control minds, teleport, create illusions and use many other spells.
Circe was born the princess of Colchis, daughter of the legendary Hyperion and Perseis of ancient Greece. She studied sorcery and soon was feared by her subjects. When Circe killed her weak-willed husband, the people of Colchis seized the opportunity to exile the sorceress to a barren island. There, she used her spells to lure sailors to the island, enchanted them and ultimately put them to death. She was not satisfied with this, however, and she sought revenge against those who punished her. She prayed for vengeance, and Hecate answered her prayers.
Hecate the Crone was goddess of magic and the third part of the Trinity of the Moon, along with Artemis the Maiden, and Demeter the Mother. Unlike the rest of the gods, she was not an Olympian, but from the far more powerful line of Titans. Nevertheless, she aided Zeus in overthrowing the Titans and legitimising his reign. She also cast a great enchantment protecting the weakened gods, giving Olympus a chance to rebuild after the war against the Titans. Zeus was in awe of Hecate, but his wife, Hera, was jealous of the wise crone's power and worked to undermine her authority. Insulted by the gods she helped to enthrone, Hecate returned to Earth and answered the supplications of Circe.
The goddess infused her soul into Circe's body, ending her existence as Hecate and beginning a new one as a reborn Circe. But before she discorporated, Hecate left Circe with a prophecy: "Upon the death of Witch, and the birth of Witch, Hecate, by Name and Choice, shall repossess her soul."
Circe believes that Princess Diana of Themyscira, better known to the world at large as Wonder Woman, is the second witch of the prophecy and fears that on Wonder Woman's death, Hecate's soul will flee her body and inhabit Princess Diana's.