Doctor Chaos
Doctor Chaos
Personal Info:
Real Name: Unknown
Also Known As: No known Alias
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: Justice Society of America Vol.3 #46 (2011) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Senator Eagin
Group Affiliation: None
Base Of Operations: Monument Point
Grudges: Justice Society
Creators: Marc Guggenheim and Scott Kolins
Doctor Chaos has demonstrated incredible knowledge, he is able to roughly predict the actions of others with unerring skill, he used micro bombs to kill people, he was able to blackmail Mister Terrific and he single headedly fought the best hand-to-hand combatants of the Justice Society to standstill.
Doctor Chaos was hired by Senator Eagin, a government official who wanted to scare away the Justice Society of America when they made Monument Point their new headquarters after Scythe’s terrorist attack. Senator Eagin ordered the good doctor to kill the mayor at Monument Point and threaten the JSA to leave.
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