Guy Gardner
Guy Gardner
Personal Info:
Real Name: Guy Darrin Gardner
Also Known As: Warrior, The Gardner, Green Lantern 2814.2
Place Of Birth: Baltimore, Maryland
First Appearance: Green Lantern Vol.2 #59 (1968) Silver Age Villain
Known Associates: Kyle Rayner, John Stewart, Hal Jordan
Group Affiliation: Green Lantern Corps, Formerly Red Lantern Corps, The Corpse, Justice League International, Star Sapphires
Base Of Operations: Oa;
Grudges: Black Lanterns
Creators: John Broome, Gil Kane, Steve Englehart and Joe Staton
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Red Power Ring: The Red Power rings use red energy, supplied by a power battery, which in most cases takes the form of red light. The power ring can be used to fire blasts of rage energy. This power is unique as it takes the form of rage-energized blood. The power ring can project this blood from either the mouth or focused through the ring. This blood has the effect of bursting into flames of rage, these flames burn even in space and are so powerful as to burn through the energy auras of opponent ring wielders and corrupt their power rings, depleting them at an accelerated rate. The weapon's power is more an indication of the rage of the user, rather than his willpower.
Flight: By the manipulation of anti-gravitons and directed molecular movement, the Red Lantern ring allows the user to fly at incredible speeds.
Guy Gardner is a top member of the Green Lantern Corps, the second one to be chosen from our planet. His sheer willpower, and his complete refusal to back down from any fight, have made him one of the greatest warriors in the universe. This has also given him a notorious reputation in the superhero community as an obnoxious butthead. Despite the disapproval from his peers for his unrelenting offensive tendencies, he's always kept his chin up, and refused to let the opinions of others stop him from doing what he knows is the right thing. A bit of a wild card in terms of attitude, and unwilling to listen to the strict restrictions that bind most of his fellow Lanterns, his determination, skill and unpredictability have made him one of the most feared and respected lawmen in the universe
When Kyle Rayner sacrificed his life during the Blackest Night, by plunging into the Central Power Battery so he could obliterate hundreds of Black Lanterns in a single blow, Gardner completely overcome by his rage at the death of his friend, was inducted into the Red Lantern Corps.
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