Ocean Master
Ocean Master
Personal Info:
Real Name: Orm Marius
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: Aquaman Vol.1 29
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: The Society, Former member of Injustice Gang I and II
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: Aquaman
Creators: Bob Haney and Nick Cardy
Gallery: Click
Magic: Ocean Master is a master of magical manipulation and can utilise it for many effects including magical bolts and telepathy. After making a deal with the demon Neron Ocean Master can now manipulate even larger amounts of magical energy. The price of this however is a horribly scarred face and he was given a trident as a focus for his power. If Ocean master is separated from the trident he suffers excruciating pain.
Helmet: Ocean Master wears a helmet that allows him to breathe underwater for an unlimited time.
Body Armour: Ocean Master has some resistance to physical damage and can resist the pressures of deep water.
Ancient Atlantean prophecies foretell that the kingdom shall ever be struggled over by two brothers. This struggle is currently fought by the Atlantean king, Aquaman, and his half-brother, Ocean Master. Orm is the son of Atlan, an Atlantean mage and father of Aquaman, and an Eskimo woman. Learning of his origins from his mother while she was drunk combined with seeing a young Aquaman in love with the woman he wanted for his own drove Orm over the edge. He swore that he would not rest until he had destroyed all that brought joy to Aquaman. Years later, Orm arrived in Poseidonis where Aquaman sat on the throne, and presented himself as Ocean Master, the rightful ruler of Atlantis.