Radiation Roy
Radiation Roy
Personal Info:
Real Name: Roy Travich
Also Known As: Radiator, Radion
Place Of Birth: 31st century Earth
First Appearance: Adventure Comics Vol.1 #320 (1964) Silver Age Villain
Known Associates: Earth Man, Spider-Girl, Tusker, Golden Boy, Storm Boy
Group Affiliation: Justice League of Earth, Legion of Super-Villains
Base Of Operations: 31st century Earth
Grudges: Superman and the Legion Of Super-Heroes
Creators: Jerry Siegel and John Forte
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Enhanced Abilities: Travich can channel the radioactive energies in his body for the purpose of temporarily increasing his strength to superhuman levels.
Radiation Absorption & Manipulation: Exposure to high levels of radiation has mutated Roy Travich's body. As a result, Travich's primary superhuman power is the ability to absorb and manipulate high levels of radiation for a number of purposes and effects. In the case of other beings that have received powers based from exposure to radiation, Travich can manipulate the radiant energies of those individuals usually for the purposes of temporarily shutting down their powers.
Energy Blasts: Travich can expel radiation from himself in a number of ways such as firing blasts of solid radiation in the form of powerful concussive blasts or emitting radiation in the form of intense heat that, at maximum temperature, is said to be hot enough to incinerate a city block. Travich can also purposely generate radioactive energy for the purposes of generate extremely bright light, bright enough to cause at least temporary blindness.
Hard Radiation: Travich's can also emit high levels of "hard" radiation from his body toward others. This has the effect of causing extreme disorientation and nausea in other people and, if he chooses to do so, Travich can emit high enough levels of hard radiation to facilitate radiation poisoning.
Force Fields: Travich can manipulate the radioactive energy of his body to generate solid force fields around his body. While in these fields, Travich is very well protected from most forms of attacks.
Roy Travich aka Radiation Roy once tried to audition for the Legion of Super-Heroes. When Roy came received his inheritance, he used the money to gain radiation based super powers. The procedure worked and he got his powers, but did not have control over them. His mind was probed by Saturn Girl who was so horrified by his thoughts she could not sleep for two nights.
Roy's body over time became so badly ravaged with radiation poisoning, losing most of his teeth and growing hideous, pus-filled tumours, Roy started wearing a red containment suit.
Still feeling rejected he joins the xenophobic superhero group called the Justice League of Earth the team consist of Earth-born Legion rejects obsessed with spreading lies about Superman's origin. They believe that Superman was human and that all aliens should be deported from the planet.
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