Personal Info:
Real Name: Mongul the Elder
Also Known As: Lord of War World
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: DC Comics Presents Vol.1 #27 #1 (1980) Bronze Age Villain
Known Associates: Cyborg Superman, Draaga
Group Affiliation: Former ally of the Cyborg
Base Of Operations: Warworld
Grudges: Superman and the Green Lantern
Creators: Len Wein and Jim Starlin
Gallery: Click
Enhanced Abilities: Mongul is supremley powerful his strength, durability, speed, endurance and agility rival that of Superman.
Body Armour: Mongul is extremely resilient to physical and energy attacks.
Energy Projection: Mongul has an amulet attached to his chest that allows him to project blasts of energy.
Teleportation: Mongul is able to teleport.
War World: Mongul is the ruler of War World a planet sized engine of destruction created ages ago by a technologically advanced species.
Known as one of the galaxy's vilest despots, Mongul's rise to power started as a young boy on his homeworld. An early example of his ruthlessness occurred while he and his parents visited his infant brother at a medical centre. Mongul thought his sibling might someday fight him for the power he would amass, an unbearable threat that would have to be eliminated. Mongul smashed his own head through his infant brother's incubation sphere, killing him while his parents watched in horror.
Mongul grew older and stronger, seeking out that which could make him stronger still. He arrived on Warworld, a planet sized engine of destruction created ages ago by a technologically advanced species. Warworld was indeed powerful, but even Mongul could not rule it alone. He forged an alliance with Warworld's Council of Overseers. They would supply the technology while Mongul supplied the brawn. Warworld razed entire civilizations in Mongul's name. Scores of planets fell before its might.
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