Granny Goodness
Granny Goodness
Personal Info:
Real Name: Unknown
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Apokilips
First Appearance: Mister Miracle Vol.1 2
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Injustice League Unlimited, Darkseid's Elite
Base Of Operations: Apokilips
Grudges: Mister Miracle and Big Barda
Creators: Jack Kirby
Gallery: Click
Granny Goodness has no super human powers however she is extremely strong and robust for a woman of her age. She also possesses a high degree of skill in hand-to-hand combat. Granny also controls the Female Furies.
Weapons: Granny Goodness always has access to the advanced weaponry of Apokolips.
Nothing has been revealed about the early life of the female native of the dark planet Apokolips now known as Granny Goodness. She came to head a number of “Orphanages” throughout Apokolips that are actually nightmarish military schools. In these schools the boys and girls of Apokolips are trained to develop there inherent abilities and, if they possess any, their superhuman powers. Conditions at the school are harsh, discipline is severe, and any sign of individuality of thought in the students is cruelly stamped out. Mister Miracle was one of Granny’s pupils and she has not forgiven him or his wife Barda for what she sees as their betrayal.