Personal Info:
Real Name: La Sirène la Bailene
Also Known As: No known Alias
Place Of Birth: Gulf of Benin
First Appearance: Titans Vol.1 #5 (1999) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Vandal Savage, Gorilla Grodd, Red Panzer, Cheshire, Lady Vic
Group Affiliation: Formerly Tartarus, Secret Society of Super Villains
Base Of Operations: Gulf of Benin
Grudges: Titans
Creators: Devin Grayson and Mark Buckingham
Sound Manipulation: She sings hypnotic songs, forcing people to follow her every command. During her encounter with Young Justice, she seems to have perfected that skill so that she does not need to sing to hypnotize someone.
Transformation: Siren can transform from a mortal form to a mermaid and theoretically more.
Siren, also known as La Sirène la Bailene, is a minor Lwa, a vodou spirit. She comes from the gulf of Benin, a place where the vodou houngans praise the Lwa and thus prefers warmer water. She is rumoured to have been born to a Vodou-Lwa and a mortal man who was possessed by a Guéde. In vodou-lore, the Guéde are the spirits of death and fertility. Over the course of her life, she has learned many languages, which she uses in her hypnotic songs. Other than that, there is not much known about her earlier life.
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