Nemesis Kid
Nemesis Kid
Personal Info:
Real Name: Hart Druiter
Also Known As: No known Alias
Place Of Birth: Myar
First Appearance: Adventure Comics Vol.1 #346 (1966) Silver Age Villain
Known Associates: Tarik the Mute, Radiation Roy, Ronn-Karr, Spider Girl, Chameleon Chief, Sun Emperor
Group Affiliation: Legion of Super-Villains
Base Of Operations: 30th century
Grudges: Legion Of Super-Heroes
Creators: Jim Shooter
Gallery: Click
Power Domination: Nemesis Kid can develop just the right superhuman ability to defeat a single opponent at a time. As such if he were to face Princess Projectra he would be able to see through her illusions. Or if he were to face Supergirl he would outclass her strength.
An alchemist on the planet Myar in the 30th century, Hart Druiter gave himself the power to adapt any power needed to defeat an opponent. He used his talents to work as a mercenary and was hired by the Khunds to infiltrate the Legion of Super-Heroes but was de-masked by new recruit Karate Kid.
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