Personal Info:
Real Name: Jonathan Crane
Also Known As: Master of Fear, The Sinister Scarecrow, Scarebeast, Yellow Lantern, The Needle, Dr. Gruidae
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: World's Finest Comics Vol.1 #3 (1941) Golden Age Villain
Known Associates: Mad Hatter, Two-Face, Calendar Man, Hush, Killer Croc, Black Mask, Mr.Freeze
Group Affiliation: Injustice League, Injustice Gang, Secret Society of Super Villains, Sinestro Corps
Base Of Operations: Gotham City
Grudges: Batman and Robin
Creators: Bill Finger and Bob Kane
Gallery: Click
The Scarecrow is a cunning criminal mastermind and psychologist who is an expert at creating fear. He is an extremely accomplished biochemist and an expert in the crane style of martial arts.
Fear Gas: Scarecrow has developed a fear inducing gas that he uses on his victims. He can induce specific fears or cause his victim to experience their own worst fears.
When Jonathan Crane was a child, his father was a scientist who researched the emotion of fear. Unable to use proper test subjects, Dr. Crane used his own son Jonathan as his guinea pig.
As part of the experiments, Jonathan was locked inside a little dark room while his father examined the effects on his son. One day however, during one of the experiments, Dr. Crane experienced a heart attack and died, leaving young Jonathan still trapped in the pitch black test chamber. Dr. Crane's employers at the University became concerned about his prolonged absence, and eventually, police were called to investigate. When they arrived at the Crane's household, the cops spotted the test chamber and were horrified to find Jonathan alone down inside, having survived days of starving and being completely terrified.
As a result of this event, he was traumatized most of his childhood until, eventually, Jonathan decided that if he could control fear, he would never have to live in it again. He soon developed an obsession with his goal and became a psychologist with a concentration in phobias. Not waiting long to put his degree to use, Crane began using patients as test subjects to develop a project that he would later call "Fear Toxin". The gas, when inhaled, would cause his victims to hallucinate about their worst fears. He was later suspended from the college when his obsession led him to performing habituation on a student with arachnophobia by pouring a bucket of live tarantulas.
Crane, adopting the alias "the Scarecrow", soon became a threat to Gotham City, as he took criminal measures to perfect his fear gas.
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