Corsar Thal
Corsar Thal
Personal Info:
Real Name: Corsar Thal
Also Known As: No known Alias
Place Of Birth: Thangar
First Appearance: Savage Hawkman Vol.1 #0 (2012) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Shayera Hol
Group Affiliation: Thanagarians
Base Of Operations: Thangar
Grudges: Hawkman
Creators: Rob Liefeld, Mark Poulton and Joe Bennet
Corsar Thal is the emperor of Thangar and able to command the empire's entire resources.
Enhanced Abilities: Corsar Thal has cybernetic enhancements, giving him superhuman strength, agility, endurance and durability.
Sword: Corsar Thal has a sword, which he is an expert at using.
Flight: Corsar Thal is able to fly.
Corsar Thal, brother to Shayera and son to Thal Provis, Emperor of Thanagar , was Thanagarian royalty. When the Thanagarians were all poisoned and lost their wings Thal died making Corsar the Emperor of Thanagar. He wanted to go to war using the Nth metal but it had already bonded to Katar Hol who fled to Earth. Corsar apparently died.
Corsar however, hadn't died, he'd been cybernetically rebuilt and had taken his place as emperor.
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