Personal Info:
Real Name: Barbara Ann Minerva
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: England
First Appearance: Wonder Woman Vol.2 7
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Injustice League Unlimited, The Society
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: Wonder Woman
Creators: George Perez and Len Wein
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Enhanced Abilities: Cheetah’s strength, agility and endurance have all been enhanced by the elixir she drank.
Claws: Cheetah has claws that are capable of piercing brick as easily as they shred flesh.
Super Speed: Cheetah is extremely fast and agile.
Tail: Cheetah has a tail which she can control and use to grapple opponents.
Enhanced Senses: Cheetah’s senses are all enhanced. She has excellent Night Vision.
Barbara Ann Minerva had carved out a reputation as an archaeologist and treasure hunter, but at a great cost. On the one hand, she was responsible for countless important historical finds; on the other, her predatory ruthlessness made her willing to use any means at her disposal to achieve her goals.
Her final expedition took her through Africa toward the lost temple of Urzkartaga, home of a legendary tribe who reportedly worshipped a mystic cat-goddess who took the form of a human cheetah. Unbeknownst to Minerva her companion, Dr. Leavens, the native priest who served as her guide had led the expeditionary party into a trap. Minerva’s party was attacked by people of Urzkartaga, who planned to use the explorers as blood sacrifices for the cat-god. Despite overwhelming odds, Minerva and Leavens escaped the ambush and later returned to the temple under cover of darkness. From their vantage point, they saw the sacrificial ceremony that revived and resuscitated Urzkartaga’s cat-god, when, suddenly, another group of natives, a band armed with semi-automatic weapons burst from the jungle to massacre the Urzkartagans, whose sacrifices had taken the lives of many of their own people. In the melee, the cat-god was killed and the temple razed, and Minerva found herself trapped within the temple’s ruins along with the native priest, Chuma and the slain cat-god.
At Minerva’s command, Chuma explained the ritual and history of the cat-god. Minerva, wishing to command the cat-god’s power, demanded to be subjected to the ritual herself, even though part of the ritual required her to kill Leavens and drink his blood. Painted with sacred designs and dressed in the skin of the cat-god, she took the potion and became the Cheetah.