Veronica Cale
Veronica Cale
Personal Info:
Real Name: Veronica Cale
Also Known As: No known Alias
Place Of Birth: Dallas, Texas
First Appearance: Wonder Woman Vol.2 #196 (2003) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Chang Tzu, Doctor Death, Doctor Sivana, Doctor Tyme, I.Q., T.O. Morrow
Group Affiliation: Science Squad
Base Of Operations: Oolong Island
Grudges: Wonder Woman and The Doom Patrol
Creators: Greg Rucka and Drew Johnson
Gallery: Click
Veronica Cale is a great leader and an expert in business matters.
Genius Level Intellect: Veronica Cale is a genius, she is an expert, in many sciences including: medical.
The daughter of a stripper and a married man, Veronica Cale grew up in poverty in a bad part of Dallas. Her mother encouraged her to read, get her educated, so her daughter would not live the same life as she did. And Veronica discovered she was smart. Very, very smart.
When she was 14, her mother was diagnosed with cancer. Veronica decided to confront her father, now a wealthy man living in Houston. He was coerced out of a sizable amount of money, but his marriage, career and reputation were not tarnished. Veronica's mother died two years later after a long and painful struggle.
Veronica used the money to enter Harvard University at the age of sixteen. When she was 21, she had three PhDs in medical sciences. Three years later, she made the foundation of her fortune when she sold a medical tracking program to WayneTech. After a short foray into video game production, which left her even richer, she set up Cale-Anderson Pharmaceuticals with her friend Leslie Anderson.
Considering herself the real woman wonder, she grew jealous of Wonder Woman, who, she felt, never had to work for her gifts. She disliked everything about the princess. She set out to tarnish her reputation.
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