White Magician
White Magician
Personal Info:
Real Name: Thomas Asquith Randolph
Also Known As: Mister Magik, White Sorcerer, He-Who-Laughs, The Sterling Seer, Jeramiah
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: Wonder Woman Annual Vol.2 #3 (1992) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Cassie Arnold
Group Affiliation: None
Base Of Operations: Boston, Massachusetts
Grudges: Wonder Woman
Creators: William Messner-Loebs and John Dennis
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Magic: The White Magician is a high-level sorcerer, capable of using his magic for a variety of effects.
Longevity: The White Magician is several hundred years old and cast an eternal youth spell on himself so that his true age could never be revealed.
Demonic Form: In his demonic form, he had the physical strength, size and power of a high-lord demon, with large claws for hands.
The White Magician was born Asquith Randolph and claims to have been present at the creation of the United States of America. He also claims that Thomas Jefferson is one of his descendants. In the 1940s he was known as "Mister Magik". In the 1960s he altered his name to "The White Sorcerer". In the 1970s he became a founding member of the now forgotten superhero team Echoes of Justice. Later in the 1980s he finally established "The White Magician" as his permanent title. Other names he's gone under are: He-Who-Laughs, The Sterling Seer, and Jeramiah. Retiring from being a full-time crime fighter, he settled into a classic mansion in Boston, Massachusetts.
Sometime between his early years as a hero to the present day the White Magician became power mad, often resorting to more sinister means of increasing his magical abilities as his magic began to wane with age. When the White Magician and Wonder Woman crossed paths he new she would give him trouble with his plans of gaining more power. He made a plan to cause a battle between the Amazons and the dark being Eclipso in order to neutralise her.
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