Personal Info:
Real Name: Philomela
Also Known As: No known Alias
Place Of Birth: Themyscira
First Appearance: Wonder Woman Vol.3 #14 (2008) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Ares, Charis, Cottus, Myrto, Alkyone
Group Affiliation: Amazons of Themyscira; The Circle
Base Of Operations: Themyscira
Grudges: Wonder Woman
Creators: Gail Simone, Terry Dodson and Rachel Dodson
The Amazons honed their skills in many fields, aided by the gifts from Athena and Artemis. Philomela is highly skilled in: Archery, Equestrianism, Advanced Hand-to-Hand Combat and Swordsmanship.
Enhanced Abilities: Philomela has super human strength, agility, endurance, durability and intellect.
Immortality: The Amazons were gifted immortality. The people of Themyscira lived forever, though could be killed in war or in an accident.
Self-Sustenance: So long as Philomela stays on Themyscira, she does not require food, water or any other form of nourishment to maintain her health and vitality.
An Amazon and member of Hippolyta's Royal Guard who believed Princess Diana was going to bring the destruction of the Amazons. Based on that belief she and three other members of the royal guard formed the Circle. A group who plotted to kill Diana while she was still an infant.
After spending years in prison she was freed by Captain Nazi during an attack on Themyscira. Upon being set free she once again attempted to kill Diana.
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