Terry Sloan
Terry Sloan
Personal Info:
Real Name: Terry Sloan
Also Known As: Mister 08, Overwatch-One
Place Of Birth: Earth-2
First Appearance: Earth 2 Vol.1 #2 (2012) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Michael Holt
Group Affiliation: World Army; formerly the Eight Wonders of the World, Hunger Dog
Base Of Operations: Earth-2
Grudges: The World Army
Creators: James Robinson and Nicola Scott
Genius Level Intellect: Terry Sloan claims to be the smartest man on Earth 2. His claim is most likely true as he was able to outsmart and subdue Mr. Terrific just moments after he arrived on Earth 2 by taking control of his T-Spheres and turning them against Holt. Furthermore he was able to finish the construction of Red Tornado when even the whole of World Army's top scientists could not.
Gadgetry: Terry Sloan creates and deploys equipment of his own design. His most used gadget is a pair of gloves that release a cloud of nanites capable of taking over technology, the nanites were even capable of taking over the T-Spheres. His other technological achievements are the MR-08 battlesuit capable of sustained flight and numerous other energy weapons.
A government research scientist before his planet was attacked by Steppenwolf, Sloan found himself on the front lines of the war, using the identity "Mister 08", the Eighth Wonder of the World. However, while researching avenues of counter-attack, he received visions of the future. Acting to prevent these visions during his final mission, he blew up an alien device, destroying four nations.
Sloan's amorality has brought him into conflict with the World Army.
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