Doctor Impossible
Doctor Impossible
Personal Info:
Real Name: Jimmy Olsen
Also Known As: Accountable, The Child
Place Of Birth: Earth-2
First Appearance: Earth 2 Vol.1 #18 (2014) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Miss Anarky Hourman, Johnny Sorrow
Group Affiliation: None
Base Of Operations: Earth-2
Grudges: The World Army
Creators: Tom Taylor and Nicola Scott
Gallery: Click
Jimmy Olsen is an expert in computer hacking and he also has a photographic memory.
New God Physiology: Born a human, James's Olsen's physiology was changed to that of a New God when two Mother Boxes merged with him. This has given him numerous powers. He has shown the ability to generate Boom Tube's and project energy.
Technopathy: James can process information at an accelerated rate when in contact with any device with an internet connection. Ever since his transcendence Olson has shown he can manipulate machines and cybernetics in a much more direct way now, he himself functioning more like a mother box in his own right.
Flight: James is able to fly.
On Earth-2, Jimmy Olsen was a prisoner inside Arkham Asylum until he was released by the second Batman (Thomas Wayne), Aquawoman, and other members of the World Army. As a technopath with a photographic memory. He goes by the Super Name of Accountable. He was later upgraded when a Motherbox from Mister Miracle chose to interface with him to help their cause against the forces of Apokolips. Jimmy was pivotal in saving two million survivors, they escaped the clutches of Darkseid and his forces. When the survivors reached the New Earth 2 (Telos), Olsen took the name of Dr. Impossible. Jimmy seems to have gone mad with power.
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