Power Ring
Power Ring
Personal Info:
Real Name: Unknown
Also Known As: No Known Alias
Place Of Birth: Anti-Matter Earth
First Appearance: JLA: Earth-2 (2000) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Ultraman, Super-Woman, Johnny Quick, Owlman, Barracuda
Group Affiliation: Member of the Crime Syndicate of Amerika
Base Of Operations: The Panopticon
Grudges: Justce League Of America
Creators: Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely
Gallery: Click
Power Ring: Power Ring possesses a ring powered by the mystical entity known as Volthoom. The ring allows him to use emerald energies to create deadly creatures. The ring can also communicate Volthoom’s knowledge to him.
Power Ring is not the first to wield the Power Ring, a ring similar to the Green Lantern ring only powered by an entity called Volthoom. He was a Slave Marine for many years and was tricked by Harrolds (The original Power Ring) into taking the ring by telling him he was the chosen substitute to wield the ring when Harrolds couldn't. Power Ring is also a member of the Crime Syndicate of Amerika. The Crime Syndicate is a collection of super villains that rule Anti-matter Earth.
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