Agua Sin Gaaz
Agua Sin Gaaz
Personal Info:
Real Name: Agua Sin Gaaz
Also Known As: The Baron
Place Of Birth: Jamaica
First Appearance: Young Justice Vol.1 #24 (2000) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: No known Associates
Group Affiliation: None
Base Of Operations: Zandia
Grudges: Young Justice
Creators: Peter David and Eric Battle
Magic: Agua Sin possesses numerous mystical and quasi-physical powers derived from the Loa, the spirit-gods of voodoo. He has also blended these techniques with science. He has demonstrated the ability to: re-grow limbs, resurrect the dead and project mental images.
Weapons: Agua Sin carries a semi-automatic pistol and a sword staff.
The Baron Agua Sin Gaaz is a Jamaican crime lord and skilled vodoun Priest. He is the grandfather of Anita Fite alias Empress, member of Young Justice.
The Baron lived in Haiti as with his wife Oya, Empress's grandmother. She escaped Haiti when pregnant with the mother of Empress, Oshi Fite. Empress' grandmother fled Haiti because of the fear of what The Baron would do to their unborn child
Oya took refuge in Louisiana and Sin Gaaz was not involved with the family, until he attempted to kill Donald Fite , Empress's Father, and accidentally killed his own daughter, Oshi Fite, which left Empress without a mother. The Baron then went to live in Zandia, where he smuggled body parts from all over the world and practiced experiments involving recreating life using science and voodoo.
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