Personal Info:
Real Name: Hila
Also Known As: Mera
Place Of Birth: Xebel
First Appearance: Brightest Day Vol.1 #4 (2010) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Black Manta, Death Squad
Group Affiliation: None
Base Of Operations: Xebel
Grudges: Aquaman and Mera
Creators: Geoff Johns, Peter J.Tomasi and Ivan Reis
Amphibian: Though not overtly visible, Siren possesses a set of gills, which allows her to extract oxygen from the surrounding environment enabling her to breathe underwater. Siren can also breathe in an oxygen/nitrogen atmosphere, but only for limited periods of time. Prolonged exposure in an above-water environment will cause Siren to weaken, and ultimately die.
Telepathy: Siren possesses a limited degree of telepathy, which allows her to communicate with other Atlantean beings.
Hydrokinesis: Siren possesses the ability to increase the density of water within her immediate vicinity for a wide variety of effects. This ability allows her to create "hard water" objects, reshaping volumes of water into simple geometric shapes. Siren commonly uses this power to create water missiles, which she projects towards a selected target.
Hila is the identical twin sister of Mera and a sister-in-law to Aquaman. A born trouble-maker, Hila was the black sheep of the family. The "bad girl" inevitably fell for a "bad boy" by the name of Kandor. Given their reputation, the duo were easily framed for a crime and sentenced to exile.
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