Personal Info:
Real Name: Raza Kattuah
Also Known As: No known Alias
Place Of Birth: Qurac
First Appearance: Justice League vs. Suicide Squad Vol.1 #1 (2017) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Lobo, Maxwell Lord, Emerald Empress, Doctor Polaris, Johnny Sorrow
Group Affiliation: Formerly the Suicide Squad
Base Of Operations: Qurac
Grudges: Suicide Squad and the Justice League
Creators: John Ostrander and Luke McDonnell
Rustam is a highly skilled armed and unarmed combatant. He is an advanced hand-to-hand combatant, an expert swordsman and proficient in the use of firearms. He is also a highly skilled leader.
Psi-Scimitar: Rustam uses a semi-sentient mystical artefact known as the Psi-Scimitar. The Psi-Scimitar generates a flaming blade of energy from its hilt, and can open up dimensional portals.
Rustam is a super-powered terrorist working out of Qurac, not much else is known about him. He generates a flaming scimitar with his hands that can open dimensional portals and unleash blazing infernos.
Rustam served as the field commander of the original Suicide Squad, leading Emerald Empress, Doctor Polaris, Johnny Sorrow, and Lobo on missions. Rustam predicted that Waller would be unable to control the squad, and he was eventually proven right. After seeing this, Waller had them locked up in a top-secret black site. Later the team was freed by Maxwell Lord for the purpose of killing Waller. In the process, they confronted the current Suicide Squad and the Justice League.
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